Workshops and Talks

cultural producer

Kaleb is a Tkaronto based Cultural Producer who does workshops for youth and adults on identity, body positivity, queerness, trans issues, drag, and creating diverse inclusive spaces. His multimedia workshops include sharing personal experiences as a trans person and sparking discussions around intersectionality and privilege. He speaks to groups of all ages about his own experiences of gender and encourages people to relate those experiences to their own lives and community, regardless of gender identity or sexuality.

Kaleb also performs as Fluffy Soufflé (they/them), a non-binary drag character. Fluffy is half of the magical children’s entertainment duo, Fay & Fluffy’s Storytime, who do live performances and have a television show on Family called the Fabulous Show with Fay & Fluffy. When producing events and performing, their goal is to make drag accessible to all ages, and to foster a fun, inclusive environment.