Music Bingo

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↗↗ What is Music Bingo? ↖↖
Music Bingo combines a love of music with the traditional bingo format. Each player receives a Music Bingo card which consists of an assortment of songs. Instead of calling out numbers, we play music clips! Singing along encouraged. 

Games range from the 50s/60s to current songs, and specific themes like Classic Rock and Disco. Don’t know a song? Feel free to ask around and make new friends!


We are excited to now offer virtual music bingo! Whether you need a half hour to punch up and event, or a full 2 hours, we’ve got you covered. Virtual music bingos are mostly hosted by Fluffy Soufflé, to create a fun event for all sorts of groups of people. Music Bingo has been used in events with 5 people, and over 200 people. Break up the dull days of staring at a screen with Music Bingo, and watch your friends and co-workers bust out their best chair dancing!

Music Bingo TO is currently:

HOWEVER: For future bookings, virtual bookings or in locations where people can still gather, Music Bingo is available for bookings for all venues including Performing Arts Centres, Festivals, Resorts, North American tours and more through KATS. Contact Cheryle for bookings cheryle[at]

MUSIC BINGO TECH RIDER (for in person events)