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Oct 23rd, 2015
Gladstone TV Trivia Night: Nashville – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, $2/player

Oct 23rd, 2015
90s Video Dance Party – Gladstone Hotel, 10pm, $9 advance/$12 door

Past Events:

June 2nd, 2015
Gladstone TV Trivia Night: Different World Edition – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, $2/player

May 23rd, 2015
Buddies After Hours – Buddies in Bad Times, 10pm, $7
Pop music lovers unite and dance! No guest list, no bottle service, always a good time.
Buddies website

May 5th, 2015
Gladstone TV Trivia Night: My So-Called Life Edition – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, $2/player

April 25th, 2015
Buddies After Hours – Buddies in Bad Times, 10pm, $7
Fluffy is making her big debut at a Saturday night club gig at Buddies! No guest list, no bottle service, always a good time. With guest performer Heaven Lee Hytes.
Buddies website

April 22nd, 2015
MUJERCITOS Queer Dance Night – Double Double Land, 8pm, $5-10 sliding scale
It’s a book launch, it’s a party, it’s time to get sweaty and dance your pants off! Susana Vargas is launching a book, Vanessa (Lioness) is performing, and I will be one of the DJs getting the late night party going strong.

April 17th, 2015
Sweaty Betty’s – 10pm, free
Holing down the fort on Ossington for the night! Come for the beer selection, stay for the music + free hugs.

April 14th, 2015
Couples Therapy – The Emmet Ray, 924 College St, 10pm, free
Looking forward to throwing down some tunes for this tonight. I sense there will be a lot of duets! I’ll be joining guest bartenders Elliot + Erin for this one.

April 7th, 2015
Gladstone TV Trivia Night: Arrested Development Edition – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, $2/player
I am finally relenting to doing a show outside of the 90s! This is going to be a good one, so much hilarity in this show. More exciting news is that we’re being sponsored by BBJ who have some wicked prizes lined up!

March 7th, 2015
Sweaty Betty’s – 10pm, free
It’s been so long since I got to DJ at Sweaty Betty’s I can’t wait to be back! Come by for a mixed bag of tunes, huge beer selection and free hugs.

March 3rd, 2015
Gladstone TV Trivia: Saved By the Bell Edition, Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, $2/player
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Wednesday Feb 25th, 2015
Eyes On Comedy – Gladstone Hotel, 8pm, pwyc
Me and my best pal Stephen Eyes are reuniting to bring you a huge list of some mega Toronto stand-up talents. Winter sucks, we need laughs!
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Saturday Feb 14th, 2015
Bobo’s Bang Bang – A ValenTINDER Party! – WAYLA Bar, 996 Queen St East, 10pm, $5
Swipe swipe swipe, Bobo and Fluffy are back to make a night of dream connections come true. Fluffy will be throwing down the funnest songs of the 00s to current pop. Maybe we’ll hear Beck all night?
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Thursday Feb 12th, 2015
Steers & Queers – Dakota Tavern, 9pm, $7
Start waving that new Nashville money around, Fluffy’s headed to the heart of country music + everyone’s fave show! It’s gonna be busy, get there early.
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Wednesday Feb 11th, 2015
Rhubarb Festival Opening Party – Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, 10pm
I’ll be DJing the Opening Party for one of my favourite theatre festivals in town! Come by and support the festival and all the great performances.

Monday Feb 9th, 2015
90s Trivia at WAYLA Bar – WAYLA Bar, 996 Queen St East, 8pm, FREE
A fun monthly trivia night celebrating all things 90s. Music, movies, tv, sports & pop culture. Mixed crowd, good times, and pints of Beau’s for only $5.25!

Saturday Dec 13th, 2014
Bobo’s Bang Bang – WAYLA Bar, 996 Queen St East, 10pm, $5
I’m teaming up with Scarlett Bobo for a wild and fun night of pop music celebration! I’ll be DJing all night, Scarlett will throw down some performances throughout, and we’ll see if I make it back to Parkdale at the end of the night.

Monday Dec 8th, 2014
90s Trivia at WAYLA Bar – WAYLA Bar, 996 Queen St East, 8pm, FREE
A fun monthly trivia night celebrating all things 90s. Music, movies, tv, sports & pop culture. Mixed crowd, good times, and pints of Beau’s for only $5.25!

Tuesday Dec 2nd, 2014
Gladstone TV Trivia Night: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, FREE
Now that the Fresh Prince is on Netflix we’re going to have to step our game with this one! As per usual it’s going to be busy + it’s going to be a blast.

Thursday Nov 27th, 2014
Toronto’s Bent Beauty Supreme – Gladstone Hotel, 9pm, $10
Miss Fluffy Soufflé is proud to take part in a huge fundraiser for the Rainbow Railroad + definitely plans to have some fun along the way!

Sunday Nov 23rd, 2014
The Crush Project present Rae Spoon + Geoff Berner – Gladstone Hotel, $10, $15
I guess my biggest Crush of all is Rae Spoon since they’re back for another great night of music. Love the pairing with Geoff Berner, it’s going to be a fantastic night!

Monday Nov 10th, 2014
90s Trivia at WAYLA Bar – WAYLA Bar, 996 Queen St East, 8pm, FREE
A fun monthly trivia night celebrating all things 90s. Music, movies, tv, sports & pop culture. Mixed crowd, good times, and pints of Beau’s for only $5.25!

Saturday Nov 8th, 2014
Bobo’s Bang Bang – WAYLA Bar, 996 Queen St East, 10pm, $5
I’m teaming up with Scarlett Bobo for a wild and fun night of pop music celebration! I’ll be DJing all night, Scarlett will throw down some performances throughout, and we’ll see if I make it back to Parkdale at the end of the night.

Tuesday Nov 4th, 2014
Gladstone TV Trivia Night: Star Trek TNG – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, FREE
While I have still never watched this show, the first night was so fun + popular I agreed to do another night for all the Trekkies out there!

Thursday Oct 23rd, 2014
ManChyna, Miss Fluffy Soufflé + DJ Joe Blow – The Mansion, Kingston, 10pm, $10
Toronto crew hits the road to Kingston! Performances, DJs + hopefully a whole lot of messy queer fun.

Monday Oct 20th, 2014
90s Trivia at WAYLA Bar – WAYLA Bar, 996 Queen St East, 8pm, FREE
A fun monthly trivia night celebrating all things 90s. Music, movies, tv, sports & pop culture. Mixed crowd, good times, and pints of Beau’s for only $5.25!

Tuesday Oct 7th, 2014
Gladstone TV Trivia Night: Gilmore Girls – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, FREE
Full disclosure, I never watched this show! But people have been asking me to do a trivia night for a while, so I’m giving in. Lord protect me from the GG fans!

Monday Oct 6th, 2014
Trampoline Hall – Garrison, 7:40pm, $10
This is such a huge honour and I’m so nervous!!! Look this event up if you don’t know about it. It’s been running monthly for TWELVE YEARS and is one of the hottest tickets in Toronto. I will be one of three lecturers and will be presenting on the topic “Adventures in Masculinity”, along with Anni Spadafora + Kate Allen.

Thursday Sept 25th, 2014
The Crush Project presents Bush Whacked: a Kate Bush Tribute Night, Gladstone Hotel, 8pm, $10

Saturday Sept 13th, 2014
Bobo’s Bang Bang – WAYLA Bar, 996 Queen St East, 10pm, $5
I’m teaming up with Scarlett Bobo for a wild and fun night of pop music celebration! I’ll be DJing all night, Scareltt will throw down some performances throughout, and we’ll see if I make it back to Parkdale at the end of the night.

Monday Sept 8th, 2014
90s Trivia at WAYLA Bar – WAYLA Bar, 996 Queen St East, 8pm, FREE
A fun weekly trivia night celebrating all things 90s. Music, movies, tv, sports & pop culture. Mixed crowd, good times, and pints of Beau’s for only $5.25!

Tuesday Sept 2nd, 2014
Gladstone TV Trivia Night: Golden Girls Edition – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, FREE
The Girls are back for another special TV Trivia night! Last time was intense competition so we’ll see how this night goes.

Thursday Aug 14th, 2014
The Crush Project presents John Waters Trash Bash – Gladstone Hotel, 8pm, $10
The Crush Project is back in a collaboration with Aqua V Ulva to present a night in celebration of the Pope of trash, John Waters. A huge list of great performers will be a part of the night as well as prizes, music and more!

Monday Aug 11th, 2014
90s Trivia at WAYLA Bar – WAYLA Bar, 996 Queen St East, 8pm, FREE
A fun weekly trivia night celebrating all things 90s. Music, movies, tv, sports & pop culture. Mixed crowd, good times, and pints of Beau’s for only $5.25!

July 22nd, 2014
#photoBingo – Gallery 44, 401 Richmond Building, 7pm, $5
Gallery 44 will be transformed into a classic bingo hall for one night only! Compete for fun prizes and show off your knowledge of photographers from 1826 – 2014! I’ll be the Bingo caller with no photography knowledge. I’m hoping for a lot of Anne Geddes.

July 18-19, 2014
Fierté Sudbury Pride!
Fluffy’s headed north to Sudbury! On Friday night I’ll be DJing in Bell Park at the Amphitheatre for a special all ages dance party. Saturday I’ll be in Memorial Park downtown for Pride in the Park along with Nari, Freeda Mockery & vendors including BBJ! Then we’ll be walking the streets at the Pride march starting at 6pm.

July 14th, 2014
90s Trivia at WAYLA Bar – WAYLA Bar, 996 Queen St East, 8pm, FREE
A fun weekly trivia night celebrating all things 90s. Music, movies, tv, sports & pop culture. Mixed crowd, good times, and pints of Beau’s for only $5.25!

Saturday June 28th
GendurrWTF – Genderf*ck Pride Show – Pride Toronto North Stage, 7pm, FREE
The gorgeous Judy Virago has put together a fun bunch of gender misfits for the only show I agreed to do on a pride stage. Celebrating the fluidity of gender, smashing the binary, then sweeping up the pieces into a beautiful collage.

Thursday June 26th, 2014 – It’s my birthday!
Steers & Queers: Night of 1000 Dollys – Gladstone Hotel, 9pm, $12
Dammit I love this night. A night of Dolly worshiping with Fluffy as your head minister in charge. Dolly choir, music, dancing and so much more.

Wednesday June 25th, 2014
Thick Life – Gladstone Hotel, 10pm, $10
Can’t wait for this one. My fave furry queer rapper from Chicago is coming to town and bodacious babes Fay & Fluffy get to rock the stage with him. Joining us are ManChyna and DJs Phil V + Sammy Royale
Facebook event

Tuesday June 24th, 2014
Central Toronto Youth Services celebrates WorldPride – 65 Wellesley St. East, Third Floor, 4-7pm, FREE
So excited! Featuring youth performers dazzling us with their drag, singing, dancing, spoken word, live music, and more, and with special guest MC Miss Fluffy Soufflé, join us in a youth-oriented and queer + trans celebratory space. Revel, share community, and have your voice heard! Food, drink, games, and a photobooth are also provided.

Monday June 23rd, 2014
Inside Out Under the Stars: Free Outdoor Screenings – David Pecaut Square, 8pm, FREE
Inside Out + TIFF have put together a fantastically fun selection of queer films to be screened outside. I’ve put together a stellar cast of beauties to join me in a celebration performance of But I’m a Cheerleader!

Sunday June 22nd, 2014
Queer Family Brunch – Gladstone Hotel, 11am, FREE
One of my favorite Pride events from last year is back with special guests The Space Chums! Word on the street is that they might let me do a number with the band!!!

Shady Tea – Gladstone Hotel, 4pm, FREE
Fluffy & Fay are back with the best afternoon dance party in the West End. Who doesn’t love drag queens, DJs Shane MacKinnon + Vee Stun, cocktails and AIR CONDITIONING???

WorldPride at the Gaystone events! Check HERE for full listings

Saturday June 21st, 2014
Nuit Rose – Gladstone Hotel (and throughout the city), 7pm til late, FREE
There’s a new contemporary queer art event in town and I’m excited about it! The Gladstone will be the West End hub and chock full of art, music, history and performances.

Tuesday June 17th, 2014
Get Bent! – TIFF, 7:30pm, $70-80
As part of the 2014 WorldPride celebrations in Toronto, TIFF and Inside Out present Get Bent!, a fundraising event in celebration of Bent Lens: Pride on Screen. Watch for me or Fluffy to be there as a special guest!
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Thursday June 12th, 2014
Buddies 35th Birthday Bash – Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, 7pm (VIP), 10pm everybody!
Miss Fluffy Soufflé is getting all dolled up to help celebrate the most fantastic theatre in town!
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Tuesday June 3rd, 2014
Gladstone TV Trivia Night: Party of Five – Gladstone Hotel, 7:30pm, FREE
TV Trivia returns with a look at our favorite orphan family The Salingers!
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Monday June 2nd, 2014
Relaunch – 90s Trivia at WAYLA Bar – WAYLA Bar, 996 Queen St East, 8pm, FREE
A fun weekly trivia night celebrating all things 90s. Music, movies, tv, sports & pop culture. Mixed crowd, good times, and pints of Beau’s for only $5.25!
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Saturday May 31st, 2014
Panel for Portrait of a Serial Monogamist – TIFF, 4:45pm, $10-13
I’m tagging along with the cast + directors of the film Portrait of a Serial Monogamist for a special sneak peek at the film + panel discussion. Yes, I had a teeny role in the film. No, my clips will not be seen. Why? I’M TOO DAMN SPECIAL.

Blood, Sweat & Queers – The Steady, 10pm, $5
This wicked fun monthly DJ party is bringing in Katie Ritchie & myself to throw down a country hoedown. Pony rides for everyone!
Facebook Event

Friday May 30th, 2014
Transplanetarium Afterparty: Back to the Future – The Steady, 10pm, $5
As part of Inside Out Film Festival Nik Red and I are DJing the afterparty for the film showcase Transplanetarium.
Facebook Event

Friday May 9th, 2014
Gladstone TV Trivia Special 90210 Edition – Gladstone Hotel, 8pm, FREE
Donna Martin graduates all over again! This super extra special 90210 trivia night will be a celebration of the dreamy Brandon Walsh. Along with Chapters/Indigo & Harper/Collins we’re celebrating the launch of Jason Priestley’s new memoir. Shit’s getting real.

Sunday April 27th, 2014
Eyes On – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm
Eyes On is going to the next level! We’re putting together a packed show of fantastic guests and performances as Stephen Eyes prepares his world domination. I’m just along for a fun ride.

Monday April 14th, 2014
Beau’s presents the high Five Championship – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm
The High Five Championship is Back! Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company brings you the second edition of the HFC. This time bigger better and even more Hilarious. Stephen Eyes of Eyes On Toronto will be your host and ring announcer, as well Fraser Young, Rhiannon Archer and Kaleb Robertson will be your totally unqualified and biased judges.
Facebook event

Monday April 7th, 2014
Sister Spit Tour 2014 – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, $10-20
I’m so honoured & excited to get to perform with Sister Spit again! This time around I’m joined as a special guest by the fabulous Zoe Whittall.
Facebook event

Tuesday March 4th, 2014
Gladstone TV Trivia Night: Degrassi Edition – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, FREE
We did a mini Degrassi trivia our very first trivia night so I’m excited to spend a whole night talking about Canada’s finest young adult television show. The Zit Remedy! The twins! All the way with Stephanie Kay!

Monday Feb 17th, 2014
AGO Family Day – Art Gallery of Ontario, 10am-4pm, general admission, free with membership
Excited to be DJing the hottest club in town…for the under 10 set that is. Come celebrate Family Day with art, crafts, and a dance party with me in Walker Court!

Thursday Feb 13th, 2014
35 Performances for 35 Years, as part of the 35th Rhubarb Festival – Buddies in Bad Times, 8pm
I am honoured to be included in this 35 year retrospective of performers celebrating 35 years of Rhubarb. For the performance I will condense my 45 minute one-man show The Me Show, into 3 mins. Wish me luck.

Tuesday Feb 4th, 2014
“My Prairie Home” Toronto Premiere – Bloor Cinema, 6:30pm
The long anticipated premiere of the Rae Spoon documentary “My Prairie Home” directed by Chelsea MacMullin. I’ll be moderating the Q&A after the film.
Facebook event

Jan 26th, 2014
Eyes on Design – Gladstone Hotel, 8pm, $10-20
I’m looking forward to a special Eyes On show in celebration of Design Week in Toronto and the Gladstone Hotel’s annual event Come Up To My Room 11. Interviews with designers, comedy, burlesque, and a performance by Sook-Yin Lee’s band LLVK. Can’t wait!
Facebook event

Friday Jan 18th
D.F.M.O. – Buddies in Bad Times, 11pm
Fluffy can’t wait to perform at Dance Floor Make-Out for the first time! Hot babes, host David Kraft, and one of the finest sexiest DJ teams in town, the Mighty Real DJs (John Caffery + the Robotic Kid)
Facebook event

Friday Jan 10th, 2014
Long Winter Year 2 Volume 3 – The Great Hall, 8pm, PWYC
The Duffertsons are making their official debut doing three performances at this fantastic night of art, music, food & performance. Also on the bill are Rae Spoon & the Hidden Cameras!
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Sunday Oct 27th, 2013
AGO Family Day – Art Gallery of Ontario, 1-4pm
I’m back to one of my fave DJ spots in town, the AGO! I will be DJ in Walker Court alongside karaoke and dancers to celebrate the David Bowie exhibit.

Saturday Oct 26th, 2013
Hotnuts Halloqween Area 69 – The Garrison, 10:30pm, $8 before 11:30 / $10 after
Holy crap I’m excited about this night. I’m beyond thrilled that the Hotnuts crew has invited me to put on their Halloqween show & I’m bringing along some of my fave friends to help me out. This show is going to be great!

Wednesday Oct 23rd, 2013
Eyes on Comedy – Gladstone Hotel, 8pm
After the summer’s successful all comedy show Stephen’s doing it again! A stellar line-up of comedic guests and me as the DJ sidekick, DJ Paul Schaffer.

Tuesday Oct 1st, 2013
Gladstone TV Trivia Night: Roseanne – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, FREE

Monday Oct 30th, 2013
Eyes on Eyes – Gladstone Hotel, 8pm, $15
The Stephen Eyes talk show celebrates the birthday of it’s favorite host, Stephen Eyes! We’ll have actress Katie Boland, comedians Ron Sparks, Fraser Young and Ryan Belleville and music from the Cybertronic Spree (they’re a TRANSFORMERS band!!!).

Tuesday Sept 3rd, 2013
Gladstone TV Trivia Night: Back To School 2 (Freaks & Geeks and My So-Called Life – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, FREE
For our one-year anniversary we’re doing two shows that only lasted a season each!

Tuesday July 2nd, 2013
Gladstone TV Trivia Night: Golden Girls – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, FREE
Well if last month wasn’t gay enough, this month we’ll be thanking you for being our friends when you come join us for trivia all about our favorite four ladies. No, not Sex in the City.


Full Pride at the Gaystone details available here.

Here are the Pride events I’m throwing or performing at:
Saturday June 22nd, 2013
Music Night with Rae Spoon, LAL, and Kelly McMichael & the Gloss, Gladstone Hotel, $10-20

Sunday June 23rd, 2013
Queer Family Brunch – Gladstone Hotel, 11am-2pm, brunch $10/child $16/adult

Sunday June 23rd, 2013
Shady Tea – Gladstone Hotel, 4-8pm, FREE

Monday June 24th, 2013
Eyes on Queer West – Gladstone Hotel, 8pm-12am, $10-20

Wednesday June 26th, 2013
Lesbian Potluck – Gladstone Hotel, 9pm-1am, FREE

Saturday June 15th, 2013
Thunder Bay Pride Pub Night DJ Dance Party – Black Pirate’s Pub, 9pm, $5
Oh we’re throwing it DOWN in TBay this year! Fluffy can’t wait to DJ & dance her weave off alongside FabDave, Miss Temperance, Jaqi Iraqi, & Secret Agent.

Tuesday June 4th, 2013
Gladstone TV Trivia Night: Pride Edition – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, FREE
This month we’ll be asking a bunch of gay questions about everything gay on TV. Gay Gay Gay.

Friday May 31st, 2013
TGIF: Transplanetarium After Party – Henhouse, 10pm, FREE
As part of Inside Out Nik Red & I are doing double duty at the Henhouse. Super fun DJ team PLUS Miss Fluffy Souffle and a special appearance by Summer a la Mode making her debut!

Thursday May 30th, 2013
Local Heroes Party – Buddies in Bad Times, 10pm, $6 or free with Hogtown Homos ticket stub
One of the funnest Inside Out parties of the year is switching things up and doing a special “cineoke” party complete with a video dance party. I’ll be hosting and bringing along some special guests, Miss Conception, Jade Elektra & MC Jazz!

Wednesday May 22nd, 2013
Laugh at Slack’s – Slack’s Restaurant, 562 Church St, 9pm, pwyw
Sometimes we agree to shows then question that decision. Me doing “stand up comedy”? Suuuure, why the hell not?

Tuesday May 7th, 2013
Gladstone TV Trivia Night: Buffy Edition – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, FREE
People sure like this trivia thing we do. This month we’ll also be screening an episode!

Tuesday April 16th, 2013
The Crush Project presents Sister Spit Tour 2013 – Gladstone Hotel, 8pm, $10-20
Sister Spit are returning to Toronto and I have the pleasure of hosting them again at the Gladstone along with my pal Chase Joynt! Both he and I will be presenting new work and I can’t wait to see this year’s batch of talent.
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Friday March 22nd, 2013
Where’s the Love 5 – Club 120, 10pm, by donation
I have had such a blast doing this show in the past and I since I missed last year I’m especially excited to return this year! Fluffy will be doing a number in the 11:30 set, but this night will be a blast so come early & stick around.
Facebook event

Thursday March 7th, 2013
The Crush Project presents I Wanna DANCE W/ Somebody – Gladstone Hotel, 9pm, $10-20
Facebook event

Tuesday March 5th, 2013
Gladstone’s TV Trivia: Seinfeld – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, FREE
This one’s gonna be a huge one! We know Seinfeld fans will make it tough, but whether you know the show or not it’ll still be fun for everyone!

Wed Feb 20 – Sun Feb 24th, 2013
Fay Slift & the Three Bears – Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, 8:30pm
As part of the Rhubarb Festival Kaleb, Fay Slift, and the Beevers are doing a show!
Rhubarb Festival Website
Facebook event

Tuesday Feb 5th, 2013
Gladstone’s TV Trivia Night: Fresh Prince of Bel Air + Full House – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, FREE
In honour of February’s Family Day we’re celebrating a couple of our favorite families. Troubled nephews & wacky uncles filled our hearts & tickled our funnybones, so now we pay tribute!
Facebook event

Friday Feb 1st, 2013
Rae Spoon and Kaleb Robertson Do Videofag – Videofag (187 Augusta), 8pm, $5-10
I’ll be doing an opening performance for Rae. Both of us will be work shopping some new things!
Facebook event

Thursday Jan 31st, 2013
Prairie Boner – The Beaver, 10pm, FREE
Another night of throwing down some cuntry hits. This time Vivek Shraya will be joining myself and Katie Ritchie. David Phillips will be serving up swamp water body shots.
Facebook event

Sunday Jan 20th, 2013
U Haul – The Garrison, 10pm, FREE
New queer weekly! I’ll be selecting some tunes alongside Joe Blow. Last U Haul I got home at 7am. Just sayin’.
U Haul Tumblr

Thursday Jan 17th, 2013
Steers & Queers – Dakota Tavern, 9pm, $7
Get here early cuz it’s ALL SHANIA!!! Fluffy can’t wait to get her groove on to the sassiest Canadian country gal.
Facebook event

Dec 4th, 2012
Gladstone TV Trivia: Beverly Hills 90210 Edition – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, FREE
A night of trivia all about Roseanne? Oh yes! We ask questions, the audience writes them down, prizes are given & fun is had. The last event was ram packed, so get there early!
Facebook event

Dec 2nd
The Crush Project presents Leisure Life – Gladstone Hotel, 9pm, $10
I’m super excited to get to put on a CD release party for one of my favorite Toronto musicians, Gentleman Reg. With special guests Army Girls and Chinawoman this will be SUCH a great night of music!
Facebook event

Dec 1st
Burlygurly presents Me Me Me – Henhouse, 10pm, FREE
My adorable sister Fay Slift is turning 5 years old so we’re going to celebrate her in style! Fluffy will be doing a special performance in her honour along with a great list of other performers & DJs to keep us dancing.
Facebook event

Nov 30th
Prairie Boner – Beaver Cafe, 10pm, FREE
A night of country music? Why not? Me and Katie Ritchie will be picking the tunes, David Phillips will be swaying behind the counter, everyone will have a good time.
Facebook Event

Nov 30th
12 Beers of Christmas – Gladstone Hotel, 6-9pm, FREE
The Gladstone is throwing down a special night of beer tastings & ugly sweaters with me hosting to keep the night flowing.
Facebook Event

Nov 6th
Gladstone TV Trivia: Roseanne Edition – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, FREE
A night of trivia all about Roseanne? Oh yes! We ask questions, the audience writes them down, prizes are given & fun is had. The last event was ram packed, so get there early!
target=”_blank”>Facebook event

Mon Nov 5th
One Night Stand – Gladstone Hotel, 7:30pm, $20
I’ve been helping organize this fundraiser for a new feature film called “Portrait of a Serial Monogamist”, written & directed by Christina Zeidler & John Mitchell. The fundraiser will be a great show with some of my fave performers, Kathleen Phillips, Dawn Whitwell, Coco Taylor, and Fluffy & Fay!
Facebook event

Fri Oct 26th
Drag YOU to Hell – Goodhandy’s, 10pm, $10
Yay, it’s another super fun Halloween spectacular show! With a HUGE list of great performers (including our Thunder Bay drag sister FabulousPortia) it’s going to be a ridiculously fun night of spooky numbers.
Facebook event

Fri Oct 19th
The Pool – Buddies,  10:30pm, $7
Time to go back to The Pool! I’ll be DJing a special early Halloween edition as well as doing a number!
Facebook event

Tuesday Oct 2nd
Gladstone TV Trivia: Friends edition – Gladstone Hotel, 7:30pm, FREE
I’m so excited about this new night I’ve started with a couple other folks from the GStone.It’s a night of trivia all about our fave old tv shows. This edition will feature all Friends trivia!
Facebook event

Thursday Sept 27th
The Crush Project presents Recovering Albertans – Gladstone Hotel, 7:30pm, $10
The Crush Project is very excited to present the launch for Rae Spoon’s book “First Spring Grass Fire” with special guest Vivek Shraya. Join us for an intimate and special night of stories and celebration. I’ll be hosting the night & leading a Q&A after the show.
Facebook event

Sunday Sept 23rd
Queer Pop (Official POP Montreal Show) – Le Cagibi, 5490 St. Laurent, Montreal, $10
Squeezing into ever nook and cranny of Cagibi from 3pm till closing time, QUEER POP offers up a line-up of local and out of town queer acts with over a dozen awesome performances, a house party dance party, BBQ, all day lounge, hang out! Fluffy is hosting and excited about her faves Kids on TV who are coming along too!
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Monday Sept 17th
Dawn Patrol – Comedy Bar, 8:30pm, $7
Fluffy’s joining an awesome line-up of talented comedians at her first gig at the Comedy Bar! Hosted by Dawn Whitwell.
Facebook event

Sunday Sept 16th
Queen West Art Crawl Tour – Gladstone Hotel, 3pm, FREE
Miss Fluffy Souffle is doing a smarty arty tour for the Queen West Art Crawl! Listen to her explain the socio-economic relationship of the Gladstone to the neighbourhood of Parkdale. And booze, she’ll talk about booze!

Sunday Sept 9th
Fashion Cares – Sony Center for the Performing Arts, 6pm, big bucks
Yes, I get to be a part of Fashion Cares! Scissor Sisters, Elton John & more. They’re doing a retrospective installation as part of the 25th (and final) Fashion Cares event and I’m in it. Yessssss.

Friday Aug 31st
Mighty Real – Cold Tea, 10pm, FREE
DJs John Caffery & the Robotic Kid know how to throw a party. Fluffy is excited for her first performance at Cold Tea in Kensington. She’s pulling out some new tricks and plans on dancing the night away!
Facebook event

Saturday Aug 25th
Docents Gone Wild – Gladstone Hotel, 1pm, $15 (includes Free mimosa)
Miss Fluffy Souffle takes docents to the next level with a fabulous tour around the Gladstone!

Monday Aug 6th
Eyes on Queen West – Gladstone Hotel, 8pm, various prices
Kaleb has harassed Stephen Eyes to bring back his talk show long enough that he has finally given in! Join us for a fun and hilarious night of performances, comedy, interviews and more.

Sunday July 1st
Pride Toronto North Stage, Church Street, 3:30pm, FREE
Fluffy will be representin’ on the Trans Stage as part of the official Pride Toronto festivities. Come stand in the street and scream your support!

Friday June 29th
Women’s Studies – Beaver, 10pm, pwyc
It’s all about feminism as Fluffy makes her DJing debut alongside DJ Transnational. So excited about this! Gonna hit up the Trans March first, then head to the bar.
Facebook Event

Wednesday June 27th
The Gayest Show on Earth – Gladstone Hotel, 8pm, $20
Comedian Darcy Michael has scooped up some of the most hilarious talents Toronto has to offer. On the second night of this two-night show, Miss Fluffy Souffle will be doing a number as well as a special one with Fay Slift!
Facebook Event

Tuesday June 26th
The Crush Project presents CHAFE- Gladstone Hotel, 9:30pm, $5
After party for “The Queerness of Fat Activism” with Charlotte Cooper. Some great DJs, fun performances, visuals & an installation.
Facebook Event

Friday June 22nd
Work It! – Buddies in Bad Times, 9pm, $7
Huge live old school hip hop jam that will have a special guest…ahem. Featuring MC Jazz, Saye Sky, hot dancers, DJ Nix and so much more!
Facebook Event!

Friday June 15th & Saturday June 16th
Thunder Bay PRIDE!
Huge drag show Friday night & a pub crawl on Saturday night. Thunder Thighs in Thunder Bay!

Saturday June 2nd
Steers & Queers WINNIPEG!
Facebook Event!

Sunday May 27th
1602 Dundas, 10pm, FREE
Just a little song selecting with my pal Stephen Eyes. Expect some classic rock, 80s jams, and definitely Boyz II Men at the end of the night. Chill vibe, great drinks (huge bourbon & scotch list) and a good place to get to know a hot date or hang with pals.

Friday May 25th
Fuck U Fridays – Buddies in Bad Times, 10:30pm, $5
It’s time for Fluffy to get down and dirty in her favorite place of debauchery!
This month the stage antics in the Midnight Erotic Cabaret include performances by IGBY Lizzard, Boy Scream, Devine Darlin, and Miss Fluffy Souffle (poster child of this year’s Inside Out LGBT Film Festival). With host Robin Black and a unique belly dancing performance by Layla Hassam. DJ Triple-X and guest DJ Starboy keep the dance floor vibrating with alternative vibes, both recent and classic dark dance. Expect the unexpected as we are taking you over The Edge.
Facebook Event!

Saturday May 19 – Monday May 21
HarbourKIDS weekend – Harbourfront Centre, 11am-4pm, FREE
DJ Daddy K is joining forces with Stand Up Dance to throw the most rockin’ toddler dance parties in town at the Toronto International Circus Festival.
Check out the Harbourfront website for more info

Sunday May 20th
Transplanetarium After Party – Henhouse, 10pm, FREE
Each year one of the best parties at the Inside Out Film Festival is the after party for Transplanetarium! I’m super excited to DJ alongside the fabulous Nik Red!
Facebook event!

Friday May 18th
The Great and Fabulous Display of Realness (Friday Nights at the ROM) – Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queen’s Park, 6-9pm, $9/8 students
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre hosts a performance intervention that offers a distinctly queer perspective of the museum experience. Inspired by anthropological imagery, iconic queer performers will infiltrate the Royal Ontario Museum to act as living specimens of queer identities and cultures.
Presented as part of the Friday Night Live event OUT, which also features a sneak peek at the 2012 InsideOut Film Festival.
Facebook event!

Thursday May 17th
Winnipeg Fundraiser – 1602 Dundas Street West, 10pm, by donation
Fluffy needs to get to Winnipeg for Steers & Queers and you can help! Come for drinks, buy a button, make a donation and have fun!
Facebook event!

Friday May 4th
RANGA: A Party For Gingers & their Admirers – 1602 Dundas Street West, FREE
Toronto’s first Ginger party! Performances by Andrya Duff with Miss Fluffy Souffle & Ginger Darling. DJs Joe Blow & Randall
Facebook event!

Thursday April 26th
Inside Out Launch Party: Lights! Camera! Auction! – The Burroughes, 639 Queen Street West, 7pm, by donation ($10 suggested)
It’s the launch of the 2012 Inside Out Film Festival where we’ll finally get to see this year’s trailer that has a splash of Miss Fluffy Souffle in it! DJ Craig Domenic will work the dance party while Fluffy performs with pal Chy Ryan Spain. Work it out Marilyn.
Facebook event!

Thursday April 19th
The Crush Project present Sister Spit Tour 2012 – Gladstone Hotel, 7pm, $10-20
The legendary literary performance tour, Sister Spit, is coming with a vanload of multimedia, queer-centric brilliance! Don’t miss this multimedia explosion of taste-makers, novelists, luminaries, chanteuses, performance artists, poets, and musicians.
Facebook event!

Sunday April 15th
Thank You For Being a Friend – 1602 Dundas Street, 10pm, FREE
Come hang out with Jen Markowitz & Kaleb Robertson as they select tunes for your listening pleasure. If you feel like dancing that’s ok too.
We’ll play music that makes you grab your friend and drag them to the dance floor, songs that make you hold your friend tight and sway, and songs that you scream in your friend’s face while holding your beer like a microphone.
Facebook event!

Friday April 6th
The Pool – Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, 10:30pm, $7
Another exciting night of performances and fun where I get to DJ the night away!!! Fluffy will be doing a little number as well!
Facebook event!

Thursday March 29th
Steers & Queers – Dakota Tavern, 10pm, $7
Steers & Queers Gay Ole Opry is bringing it back home and Miss Fluffy Souffle is thrilled to be hosting! There’s a new number in the works and we’re looking forward to saddling up next to some finely dressed country honeys.
Facebook event!

Fri March 16th
Queer Parking – Cadillac Lounge, 9:30pm, $5
As part of The Fireside Festival by the Parkdale BIA they’re putting on a queer night called “Queer Parking”. Fluffy is performing and hosting, along with performances by poet Philip Cairns, Regina the Gentlelady, and DJ Max Mohenu!
NEWS – So the original venue “The Parkdale Drink” has cancelled out of hosting the event because they’ve decided they don’t want to “make their clientele uncomfortable”. Fuck. Them.
Facebook event!

Sat March 10th
Steers & Queers Gay Ole Opry – il motore, 179 Jean Talon West, Montreal!!!
Steers & Queers is headed to Montreal and dragging Fluffy along to host! Word on the street is that Rae Spoon is dusting off his banjo and coming out of country retirement for the show! Our homo strip hop sensation Man Chyna will also be performing! As always, DJ Sigourney Beaver promises to play both country AND western.
Facebook event!

March 7th-9th
Thunder Bay!!! Pride in the North, Lakehead University Pride Celebration
On March 7th Rae Spoon is doing a performance at The Study at Lakehead University with special guest Miss Fluffy Souffle! Then on Friday March 9th Fluffy will be hosting a Canadian themed drag show!
Facebook event for the Rae Spoon show!
Facebook event for Made in Canada Cabaret!

Wednesday Feb 29th
The Crush Project presents I Got You Babe – Gladstone Hotel, 9pm, $5-10
The Crush Project is teaming up with Vivek Shraya to present a night of DUET COVERS! Some of your favorite musicians from Toronto are pairing up to bring you a night of great music. From guilty pleasures, slow jams, oldies, to love ballads, we LOVE duets and covers and are very excited about this amazing line-up of performers!
Facebook event!

Monday Feb 20th
Family Day at the AGO – Art Gallery of Ontario, 11am-3pm, price of admission (AGO is offering 20% off the family price!)
I’ll be holding down in Walker Court for the afternoon playing music for the kids, parents, and everyone else to enjoy!
Check out more details on the AGO website!

Friday Feb 3rd
The Pool – Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, 10:30pm, $7
HIP HIP HOORAY!! Another Fantastic time frolicking in The POOL! We have a CRAZY talented lineup of performers who will be sure to heat up the coldest of February Friday nights! Come for a “dip” and stay to dance the night away! Daddy K & the Rhythm Method are doing a comeback performance and I’m DJing the dance party post-show.
Facebook event!

Friday Jan 27th
The Crush Project I Can’t Keep All of Our Secrets – Gladstone Hotel, 10pm, $10-15 sliding scale
Rae Spoon CD Release Party!!! We’re gonna dance dance dance with Rae and guests Rouge! After the bands stay and dance with DJs Sigourney Beaver & Don De Dieu.
Facebook event!

Wednesday Dec 21st
The Crush Project presents Not So Soft – Gladstone Hotel, 9pm, $10
Get Unplugged and Interactive with some of your favorite Toronto musicians. I will be hosting an intimate show with some fantastic talent including Vag Halen, Maggie MacDonald, Vivek Shraya, Lisa Bozikovic and Awna Teixeira.
Facebook event!

Saturday Dec 10th – THUNDER BAY!!!
Fluffy & Daddy K are headed to Thunder bay to perform with our pal Chelsey Lichtawoman. Watch out for a special presentation of The Me Show on Sunday. On Saturday night we celebrate 20 years of Feminism at Lakehead University with a special cabaret at The Study (early night 7pm!).
Facebook event for feminisms cabaret!
Facebook event for The Me Show!

Sunday Dec 4th
Scandelles (UN)Wrap party – Oasis Aqualounge, 231 Mutual Street, $20
The Scandelles as you’ve known them are folding to make way for new adventures and exploring. We’re inviting all our friends, performers, and family out to help us celebrate. There will be a couple performances and lots of fun!
Facebook event!

Friday Dec 2nd
Come jump in “THE POOL” the water is FINE – Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, 10:30pm, $5
Join us for a Splash of a show featuring some of the Craziest Performers around! I’ll be DJing the dance party after a great show hosted by Andrya Duff!
Facebook event!

Sunday Nov 20th
Queer Family Sunday at the Art Gallery of Ontario – AGO, activities free with the price of admission
I was thrilled and honoured to get to DJ for this fantastic event. I got to play four hours of family friendly music while dancing with kids, parents, grandparents, and chosen family. Ill Nana did a couple of performances and workshops, and Andrya Duff led a great dance workshop to the Black Eyed Peas. I hope this event happens again, I had a BLAST!
Facebook event!

Saturday Nov 19th – Ottawa!!!
Steers & Queers Ottawa – ‘The Hodown in O-Town’ – SAW Gallery
I’m SO excited about this! Inside Out Film Festival is heading back to Ottawa and taking one of my favorite parties, Steers & Queers along for the ride! Well there’s no Hodown without Fluffy so they’ve asked her to come along and host.
Facebook event!

Saturday Nov 12th
At The Wrecking Ball V Fundraiser – The Extension Room, 30 Eastern Ave, 9pm, $10
Drinks, dancing, performers, friends & laughs. All of Fluffy’s favorites! Fluffy is helping her pals out by raising money for their upcoming show. The other performances are going to be so good, I can’t wait!
Facebook event!

Thursday Nov 10th
The Crush Project presents ALL HAIL THE QUEEN – Gladstone Hotel, 10pm, $7-10
Facebook event
My new production umbrella, The Crush Project, is putting on it’s first show! This is going to be a fantastic homo hip hop night with live performances and great DJs. I can’t wait!

Sunday Oct 30th
It’s Been a Business Doing Pleasure With You–Maggie’s 25th Anniversary BA$H – Filmore’s Gentlemen’s Club, $5 for sex workers, $15-20 for allies
Facebook event
Fluffy is honoured to be hosting this fantastic night! Maggie’s: Toronto sex workers action project is celebrating 25 years as on of the oldest sex-worker-run organizations in the world & we want you with us at our big $exy bash!! Join us as we celebrate our activism, advocacy and successes. There will be door prizes, performers, cabaret and much more! All proceeds from this event will go towards the legal costs of our joint fight, with other sex work activists for the total decriminalization of sex work in Canada.

Saturday Oct 29th
Trash! Queer Halloween Bash – Henhouse, 10pm, FREE
Facebook event
Fluffy is perfect to host this DEBAUCH Halloween party with DJ Winnie, Joe Blow & Sigourney Beaver. Dance your pants & your make-up off to Electro, Old School, Hip Hop, Alternative, Whatever!!!!

Friday Oct 28th
Drag You To Hell – Goodhandy’s Nightclub, 10pm, $10
Facebook event
Fluffy had such a blast at this event last year!!! Drag You To Hell is a bloody horror drag and burlesque show, produced by Drag King Flare, Hosted by Ryan G. Hinds, starring some of the best performers in Toronto. DJ party afterwards with Shane MacKinnon. Haunted rooms with prizes.This night is gonna be KILLER – so be there!

Monday Sept 12th
A Tribute Concert for Jack Layton – El Mocambo, 7:30pm, FREE
This free concert is featuring some amazing musicians from across Canada including Hawksley Workman, Justin Rutledge, Andrew Cash, and Laura Barrett who I love! I’ll be “DJing” after the show and hopefully get some Monday night party peeps dancing!!!
Facebook Event

Thursday Sept 8th
For You I Was a Flame | A Tribute to Amy Winehouse & Back To Black – Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen St W, 8:30pm, PWYC
I’m hosting this AMAZING night of music. A huge line-up of musicians I love are are performing the entire Back To Black album in it’s entirely. Regina from Light Fires, Casey Mecija from Ohbijou, Rose & Nik from LAL, Rae Spoon, and more! All money raised goes towards COUNTERfit’s Drug Users’ Memorial Project.
Facebook Event

Wednesday July 20th
FUZZ: Bears in Drag – Naco Gallery, 1665 Dundas St. W, 9pm
A new West End Bears night! Fluffy has been invited to perform and entertain all the bears in drag, hairy queens, hirsute divas, glittery lumberjacks, and friends!
Facebook Event

Friday July 1st
O MANADA! – Lee’s Palace, 9pm, $20
Daddy K has been invited to join the smokin’ hot boys of BoylesqueTO for a special show dedicated to some of our dearest Canadiana icons. After party with DJ John Caffery will ensure a full night of fun and dancing!
Facebook event

Wednesday June 22nd
Queers Against Israeli Apartheid presents: an evening of political dialogue, performance and dancing – Gladstone Hotel, 8pm, $10
LEGENDARY DYKE ACTIVIST SARAH SCHULMAN will give a public talk followed by conversation with Trish Salah, spoken word performance by Areen, and a preview of Mike Hoolboom’s film-in-progress, “Lacan Palestine”
8-10pm (pwyc)
LIVE PERFORMANCES by SoliRose, Wolf J, Light Fires, and Lady Gefilte & Miss Fluffy Souffle, followed by a night of dancing to the sounds of Casey Mecija (DJ Masarap/ of Ohbijou) and Anni Spadafora (Dj Mama Knows/of GET IT| GOT IT | GOOD) and an interactive projection installation from mixMotion.com
Facebook event

Friday June 24th
Gladstone’s Gay-Straight Alliance – Gladstone Hotel, 10pm, $5 before 11pm, $10 after.
I’m throwing a party! A party where everyone is welcome no matter who you eff. We’ll have a couple of “straight” DJs playing with a couple of “gay” DJs and EVERYONE’s gonna have a good time! The party will follow the opening of the Gladstone’s Pride Exhibition That’s So Gay: The New Queer. I’m throwing the party with the Gladstone’s Director of exhibitions, Britt and we’re gonna craft up a storm. Come see what we make! Private school dress encouraged. Special performance at midnight by JAT.

Sorry Catholic School Board, there’s nothing you can do to stop our fun. We’re throwing a party!

These AMAZING FANTASTIC Line-up of “GAY” & “STRAIGHT” DJ’s will keep you dancing:
Brendan Canning (Broken Social Scene)
Cozmic Cat (Cherry Bomb/ First Fridays / Soul’d Out)
Steve Rock (Motown Party / 90s Party)
and Shane MacKinnon (who does everything!!!!)
Facebook event

Wednesday June 8th
Granny Boots presents Plump It Up! – Gladstone Hotel, 7:30pm, no cover.
Kaleb joins forces with Chelsey Lichtawoman and Syrus marcus Ware to bring you a night of fat performances and video. Come celebrate some of Toronto’s finest musicians, dancers, drag performers, DJs and more!
Facebook event

Friday June 3rd – 8pm
Saturday June 4th – 8pm
Sunday June 5th – 2:30pm

Tightrope – Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Fluffy goes to the theatre! We are thrilled to be a part of the newest show from the genius minds of 2boys.tv (Stephen Lawson and Aaron Pollard). Tightrope is a high drag spectacle in memory of our forgotten. It’s going to be fantastic. The show runs for two full weeks and Fluffy will be in three of them! A full-line up of local queens have been invited to be a part of this show so every night will be a different cast!
Check out the Facebook event here
Buy advance tickets here

Thursday June 2nd
Shameless Magazine Launch – Toronto Free Gallery, 7pm, no cover.
To prove I’m not just a pretty face, I’ve written an article. AND it got published! Check out the newest issue of Shameless Magazine to find an article I wrote about my drag life. Join us for the launch on the 2nd with Mae Martin and birthday cake! Yay! Or pick up the magazine around town, it’ll be out for a few months.
Facebook Event

Saturday April 30th
Inside Out Film Festival Launch Party – National Ballet School, 7pm
Fluffy is joining her bff Fay Slift to celebrate the 2011 Inside Out Festival! Drinks and photo ops! Her favorite things!
Facebook Event

Friday April 15th
6th Annual Feminist Porn Awards – Berkeley Church, 8pm
Miss Fluffy will be making a special appearance to present 2 awards at the show! Watch out for some surprises and for Fluffy to bring her special charm and grace to the stage.
Facebook Group

Monday March 14th
The Me Show – Gladstone Hotel Ballroom, Monday March 14th, doors at 8pm, sliding scale $5-20.
Since a lot of people couldn’t make it out, and some people arrived and couldn’t get in I’m going to do another presentation of the show! Before The Me Show will be a special presentation of work by Andrya Duff!

Wednesday March 3rd
Granny Boots presents: BINGO & Porn with Good For Her – Gladstone Hotel Melody Bar, Wednesday March 3rd, 7:30pm – 10pm, FREE
Miss Fluffy Souffle will be doing a special performance as well as spending some time as a bingo caller!

Saturday February 26th – STANDING ROOM ONLY SHOW!!!
The Me Show – Part of the Rhubarb Festival. Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. 10pm.

Kaleb Robertson has been a gender warrior from a very young age, both on stage as a cabaret performer and in life. From self-parody to earnest self-revelation, The Me Show plays with dance, drag, video and comedy to celebrate the multiplicity of selves that we perform over a lifetime.
Buddies Website

Saturday January 21st
Gladstone Hotel’s 5th Anniversary Bash – 8pm-2:30am. No cover.
Miss Fluffy Souffle will be making an appearance at the party to help celebrate the Gladstone’s 5th Anniversary since re-opening as a boutique hotel. The whole building will be open with art shows, live performances, karaoke, DJs and more! Watch Fluffy in the Ballroom at midnight!
Facebook event

Monday December 13th
The Me Show My Show – Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. 8pm. PWYC. A combination of one-person shows by Kaleb Robertson and Andrya Duff.


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