So this happened…

We were asked to host a special Beverly Hills 90210 Trivia Night in honour of Jason Priestley’s new memoir. Obviously we were thrilled to do this, especially when he said he wanted to participate. On Friday May 9th the one and only Brandon Walsh walked into a packed room to surprise over a hundred BH90210 fans. It was amazing. He then graciously stayed and smiled, hugged and posed for fans as well as autographing copies of his book.

Thanks to HarperCollins Canada for helping make it happen!



*RT Exhibition

My artistic statement for the show

This is major exciting news! The exhibition that I curated of my own work along with May Brand has been given a grant to help with some of the costs!

The show already felt like such a success that this makes it over the top thrilling. So many people came out to support it.

If you missed it the show for me was about “performing” an art show. My artist character for the exhibition was a very serious and gracious host. I gave directions for the best way to appreciate the exhibition and was very engaging with all the guests. People loved the work and the experience. It was especially exciting to have some artists & members of the community who I admire come by including Christina Zeidler, Allyson Mitchell and Globe & Mail art critic RM Vaughn.

Many thanks to the Gladstone Hotel, A Space Gallery, and the Ontario Arts Council for their support. Can’t wait for the next one!

Full photo set can be found on here Facebook.