Oh yeah…

cultural producer

Oh yeah…

I have a website! After the madness of Pride and recent travels I took the summer off to recharge my creative juices and relax my stage weary brain.

I’ve got a few things upcoming that are exciting and some future plans to work on. Mama’s gotta keep busy! At the end of September I’m helping Rae Spoon launch their first book through the Crush Project! A couple weeks ago I was part of a fantastic show relaunching the return of Stephen Eyes show, the first of which was titled “Eyes on Queen West”. For photos of the night check here on Facebook and don’t miss the next one!

I’ve got some collaborations with some fantastically brilliant and creative folks, and can’t wait for something to actually come of it. I’ve been talking about some of these partnerships for years so I’m so glad the ball is actually rolling.

Now for a video from one of my favorite Pride moments:

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