Thems fighting words…

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Thems fighting words…

Ah the sweet smell of controversy. So the venue where I was supposed to perform on March 16th has pulled out of hosting because they didn’t want their regular clientele to feel uncomfortable. Hmm. This is a bar in my neighbourhood that makes me uncomfortable every time I walk past it on Friday and Saturday nights. Which, actually is rarely because I cross the street to avoid it. What also kills me is that they have this on their website:

“At The Parkdale Drink, we are committed to our clients, community and grassroots. Our dedicated team is devoted to our clients to ensure that every experience is gratifying and pleasurable. Our diversity is evident in our international dining and drink menus, clientele and our staff.”

What?!?!?! That is the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard! They are cancelling a queer event a week and a half before it’s supposed to happen. The event was part of the Fireside Festival where they intentionally put on events in some spaces that might not be the obvious choice. This is the second year that they were putting on a queer night. The owners seemed excited about the event. Not sure what changed it for them. I was skeptical about it, but willing to put my own judgements aside and go there with an open mind. Oh well. Glad they will not be receiving my hard earned queer dollars.

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