The Me Show My Show

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The Me Show My Show

Tonight I’ll be performing at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre for “The Me Show My Show”. It’s a showing of work by myself and Andrya Duff. It’s a bit of a departure for us both to do solo work that isn’t in the context of a larger cabaret style show. I’m working on material for my own portion, “The Me Show” which will be presented on Feb. 26th at the Rhubarb Festival of new work at Buddies.

Exciting! Terrifying!

I’ll be doing three numbers. One is a duet between my two performing alter-egos, Miss Fluffy Souffle and Daddy K. The second is a video showing me reading the book Flowers in the Attic aloud around town. And the last is a dance piece which also shares stories. It’ll be sung live tonight by Rae Spoon.

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