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Halloween weekend’s Friday night was a busy one! Whew. Started off at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre For “burly gurly presents Fay Slift’s Blood Lust“. It was a great line-up of performers and music provided by Shane MacKinnon and Gangbangaz (Andrew Awesome & Babs Procon) in between acts. I got to enjoy acts by Daytona Bitch, Fay Slift & Bruin Pounder, and JAT before having to hit the road. Sadly I missed the others, and was mostly disappointed to miss Ina Unt Ina sing Hole’s “Miss World” live dressed as mini teenage Fay’s! Beards and crinoline are always a winning combination.  Fluffy performed a song by Leslie and the Ly’s called “Tight Pants/Body Rolls“. A new favorite to perform!

I stole JAT and hopped in a cab to the Gladstone Hotel in the West End to make it to “Trashed: Queers & Friends Halloween Dance Party“. It was a blacklight bonanza and the ballroom looked great! The organizers did a great job with the decorations. I love blacklight! Got there in time to catch House of Monroe do a runway show before they hosted the costume contest. I got changed back into a Fluffy outfit and danced a little before hitting the stage. I worked the blacklight and GLOWED my way through the Hot Chip cover of “She Wolf” with the help of my roomie Jeremy.  With performances over it was time for DANCING. Props to all the people who ran with the theme and created great outfits that were made to be appreciated in the blacklight.

Fluffy was tiiiiired the next day!

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