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Gladstone Hotel’s 5th Anniversary Party!

One of my favorite places in the city is the Gladstone Hotel. I love putting on events in the Ballroom, I love showing people the gallery spaces, I love popping in occasionally for karaoke in the Melody Bar, and of course I love the artist designed rooms. It is an amazing cultural hub that I’m…
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The Me Show My Show

Tonight I’ll be performing at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre for “The Me Show My Show”. It’s a showing of work by myself and Andrya Duff. It’s a bit of a departure for us both to do solo work that isn’t in the context of a larger cabaret style show. I’m working on material for…
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Halloween weekend’s Friday night was a busy one! Whew. Started off at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre For “burly gurly presents Fay Slift’s Blood Lust“. It was a great line-up of performers and music provided by Shane MacKinnon and Gangbangaz (Andrew Awesome & Babs Procon) in between acts. I got to enjoy acts by Daytona…
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