↗↗ What is Music Bingo? ↖↖
Music Bingo combines a love of music with the traditional bingo format. Each player receives a Music Bingo card which consists of an assortment of songs. Instead of calling out numbers, we play the music! Singing along encouraged.

We play several games throughout the night, so swing through anytime. Definitely come early to guarantee a seat though.

That aside, it’s great fun. It took the West Coast by storm, and now we’ve been doing it in Toronto for over 3.5 years. So if you love music, trivia, prizes and hanging with your friends over a beer – make sure you come out!

Music Bingo TO is currently:
EVERY Wednesday at the Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen St W, 7-10:30pm

Music Bingo is available for private events, please email musicbingoto@gmail.com for details.