Daddy K & the Rhythm Method

In 2008 Kaleb was asked to co-ordinate and choreograph an opening performance for the Feminist Porn Awards. That led to the creation of the dance troupe, “Daddy K & the Rhythm method”. Daddy K and the Rhythm Method is a fun and energetic group made up of dancers, performers, actors, comedians, activists, musicians, misfits, triple threats, drag performers, and more.

Selected Rhythm Method performances:

  • Feminist Porn Awards 2008-2009 (Gladstone Hotel & Berkley Church)
  • CD Release party for Ina Unt Ina (Gladstone Hotel)
  • After-party for Jess Dobkins’ performance art show, i love you (Buddies in Bad Times Theatre)
  • Fundraiser for ACT (Goodhandy’s Nightclub)
  • “Girl’s School” comedy showcase (Diesel Playhouse)
  • Granny Boots Queer Cabaret (Gladstone Hotel)
  • 7a*11d Lip Synch Smackdown (Gladstone Hotel)
  • Foxhole, Big Gay Mixer (Wrongbar)
  • Launch for Zoe Whitall’s book “Holding Still For As Long As Possible” (Gladstone Hotel)
  • Season Opener Party (Buddies in Bad Times Theatre)

Some amazing, talented folks who have performed with the Rhythm Method: Andrya Duff, Tina Fushell, Milo de Milo, David Oxley, Ryan G. Hinds, Chelsey Lichtman, Anna MacKay, Erika Hennebury, Lindy Zucker, Mariko Tamaki, Ange Beever, Robin Woodward, Robin Akimbo, Chy Ryan Spain, Lindsay Barton, Mark Shyzer, Andrea Ridgley, and Andrew Bathory.

Daddy K and the Rhythm Method

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